How much is Netflix and is it worth it?

As the new year begins, it’s time to ask an important question: Should you ditch your Netflix bill and save yourself $15 a month?

That’s the ultimate question only you can answer, but it’s been on a lot of people’s minds lately. A recent survey of 1,000 Americans found that 25 percent of respondents plan to ditch Netflix this year, a pretty high number for a streaming service.

So, let’s see if Netflix is worth keeping, or if that $15 could be better spent elsewhere.

How much does Netflix cost?

There are prices of Premium plans available for subscribers from some countries:

PricesBasic with adsBasicStandardPremium
U.K.£ 4.99/month£ 6.99/month£ 10.99/month£ 15.99/month
Nederland7,99 €/maand11,99 €/maand15,99 €/maand
France5,99 € par mois8,99 € par mois13,49 € par mois17,99 € par mois
Deutschland4,99 €/Monat7,99 €/Monat12,99 €/Monat17,99 €/Monat
Italia5,49 €/mese7,99 €/mese12,99 €/mese17,99 €/mese
Polska29 zł/miesiąc43 zł/miesiąc60 zł/miesiąc
BrasilR$ 18,90/mêsR$ 25,90/mêsR$ 39,90/mêsR$ 55,90/mês

Netflix recently launched this cheaper, ad-supported package. But this plan can only give you access to part of the movies and TV shows. Also, downloading is not available in this plan.

Basic with adsBasicStandardPremium
Watch on 1 device at a timeWatch on 1 device at a timeWatch on 2 device at a timeWatch on 4 device at a time
Some movies and TV shows unavailableUnlimited movies, TV showsUnlimited movies, TV showsUnlimited movies, TV shows
Watch in HDWatch in HDWatch in Full HDWatch in Ultra HD
Ad-free TV shows and moviesAd-free TV shows and moviesAd-free TV shows and movies
Download on 1 device at a timeDownload on 2 device at a timeDownload on 4 device at a time

Currently, the differences between these tiers are streaming quality and supported devices at a time. If you decide to pay less, there are no restrictions on what devices you can use to watch Netflix or similar content. Beside, there is always a website providing shared Netflix subscription. For example, the Standard plan allows you to watch Netflix on 1 screen, meanwhile the Premium plan offers 4 screens. Let’s say you found three people to share a Netflix Premium, doesn’t that mean you’re enjoying Standard plan for almost half the price? Netflix is also one of the few streaming services that charges for 4K access; HBO Max, Disney+ and Prime Video all offer it for free.

Is Netflix worth the money?

Of course, it comes down to personal taste, but by some objective measures, Netflix has a real argument that the monthly hit to your bank account is worth it.

First, the sheer number of hit shows on Netflix makes it feel like a subscription is necessary just to keep up with water cooler conversations at work. Recent popular Netflix shows and movies include Kaleidoscope, Wednesday, The Glory, and 1899. It’s impossible to keep up with pop culture and participate in group chats without at least knowing what’s going on at Netflix at any given moment.

Netflix’s efforts to bring national titles to audiences around the world should not go unnoticed either. Unfortunately, while both titles are only available in dubbed form on the app, thanks to Netflix, Indian epic RRR and French anti-fascist thriller Athena are two of the best movies I’ve seen this year. Both videos are easily available. The method isn’t perfect, but being able to watch movies is a godsend.

But for all of Netflix’s efforts when it comes to exclusive content on the service, lately it’s been lacking in non-exclusive canon. Legendary sitcoms like The Office and Frasier were once Netflix mainstays but have since moved on to other platforms. Personally, the removal of King of the Hill a few years ago was a tragedy.

In short, Netflix is now the place you go to watch content that’s only on Netflix, and there’s a lot of it. Not everything is good or worth it, but given how good Netflix’s best titles are (and the fact that you can still watch Better Call Saul there), I’d say Netflix is still worth the money.

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